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※こちらはCDではございません。ZIPファイルになりますので解凍してお聴き下さい。 コレクティヴ/リョウアライ rar-10 / release date: 2015.08.05 全14曲 (16bit / 44.1kHz / ALAC) 01.Sling (from “W.C POLICE” 2004) 02.Pink Body (aka redsound. from “PINK MIND” 2005) 03.Want Me (aka redsound. from “ACIXXXXD” 2005) 04.Good For Nothing (aka violet7 from “OUT” 2001 voiceless version = previously unreleased) 05.Break A Promise (from “KAGAMI -NAVEL CORD COMPILATION-” 2002) 06.Eagle (aka redsound. from “NIGHT ELECTRO” 2011) 07.Early and Late (previously unreleased 2008) 08.Entropy (previously unreleased 2008) 09.Fushoku (previously unreleased 2009) 10.Diesel (from “BEAT ARCHITECTURE” 2007 “SURVIVAL SEVEN” Outtake) 11.Essential (from “BEAT ARCHITECTURE” 2007) 12.Head Charge (aka redsound. from “DRAG AND DROP” 2009) 13.Funky Opinion (aka redsound. from DRAG AND DROP” 2009 voiceless version = previously unreleased) 14.Esteem (previously unreleased 2008) 試聴用YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcIgPy8xums ・過去にコンピレーションに書き下ろしで提供した曲や別名義での作品、そしてお蔵入りの未発表曲をコンパイルした配信限定アルバム。 ・いわゆるベスト盤ではなく、いわばセルフコンピレーション。 ・全曲オリジナルソロアルバム未収録。 https://riowarai.tumblr.com/post/181145853030/riow-arai-kollectiv